Support Women's Health with Gorgeous Bling!


This fall we are partnering with stunning jewelry design shop KiraKira to support an incredibly important cause: women's health! We've created a truly special + exclusive engraved bangle to support ZuriWorks for Women's Health in their upcoming photography exhibition.

The Exposures Project is a photo education exhibit shot by cancer survivors. It depicts survival stories of women that would otherwise go untold. The Exposures Projects provides a fresh perspective on cancer and redefines what it means to be a survivor.

Your purchase of the Exclusive, Limited-Edition KiraKira bangle engraved with "Life Is A Journey" in white, yellow, or rose gold will enable more women tell their stories and educate others about cancer prevention, screening, treatment, and survival.

We hope you will share your support and raise awareness about the impact of cancer on the women in your community!

ZuriWorks for Women’s Health is a non-profit organization that develops creative and culturally relevant arts and health programs that educate and enhance the quality of life of women impacted by cancer. Through arts and health education programs and community engagement, ZuriWorks equips women with the tools and resources to prioritize self-care by increasing their use of screening, reducing delays in treatment, and empowering them to thrive after a cancer diagnosis.

Fourth of July Style Inspiration


Fourth of July is one of our favorite holidays. Our only dilemma? What to wear! Creating an outfit that is equal parts stylish and patriotic can be a little daunting; so, Team Curio Road rounded up our favorite patriotic looks with tips that will have you rocking the red, white and blue in no time!

Sonali Bloom, Curio Road
A star spangled t-shirt is perfect for the Fourth of July, while hot pink pants are a fun alternative to traditional red. 

Bianca Neptune, Curio Road
Update a classic American look--jeans and a white top--with a red belt for a chic Independence Day look.

Alison Ku, Curio Road
 You don't need to be decked out in stars and stripes to invoke a patriotic spirit. Stick to the red, white and blue color palette, but experiment with different prints and patterns for a unique spin on Americana.

Sophie Vinograd, Hinge
 Instead of trying to pile all the patriotic pieces you own into one outfit, choose one classic color to create a easy tonal look with big impact.

Alaethea Hensley, Edbacker
 A simple white dress is the perfect canvas for timeless American accessories. A jean vest and red bandana tie are subtle ways to tie in red, white and blue, while a pair of rustic cowboy boots grounds the whole look. 

Now that you've seen our tips and tricks for creating easy patriotic outfits, you're ready to celebrate America's birthday in style! Happy Fourth of July from Curio Road!

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Things We Love: Wedding Edition!


We think it's fair to say that we're completely head over heels in L.O.V.E. with pretty much everything in the Curio Road Wedding Collection

Okay, so we might be a tad bit biased (just a tad, really), but we'll let you be the judge! Here's a list of just some of our favorites. It was difficult choosing just five, but with items ranging from headpieces to accessories, decor and stationery, we think we covered our bases! What do you think?

Which items are your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Artist Spotlight: Meet Photographer Lindsay Hite of Readyluck

photo of Lindsay Hite by Laura-Chase McGehee of Readyluck

Q: Tell us about yourself, Lindsay! How did you become a wedding photographer, and how did Readyluck come to be?

A: I spent my early childhood in Massachusetts where I fell in love with the lyrical quality of light and the art of storytelling through photography. I studied photography in Baltimore at the Maryland Institute College of Art and in Paris at Parsons (The New School for Design). Initially I was drawn to fashion photography, but I realized that above anything else, I loved photographing people and documenting their experiences. I find continuous inspiration in the bonds that draw people together and the stories that unfold. After photographing my first wedding, I was hooked. Wedding storytelling incorporates all genres of photography from Fashion to Food, Photojournalism and Landscape.

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck
My partners and I joined together to form Readyluck, a collective with a shared philosophy and approach to image making. Readyluck specifically focuses on wedding and event photography with an emphasis on creative portraiture and photojournalistic storytelling. We approach photo documentation differently and creatively, and seek to work with couples who share this similar artistic vision.

Q: What is your favorite part about your career?

A: Meeting kind, creative couples and their families, and feeling like we've contributed to and shared in their wedding day. Being invited into your life to document the immensity of this miracle is a privilege that's not lost on us. We constantly challenge ourselves to create work that not only accomplishes the couple's vision, but ours as well. There is a conventional, agreed upon notion of what wedding photography is, and we seek to create beyond those limitations.

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck
Q: What is the most challenging part about your job? 

A: The most challenging part about my job is turning off my work brain. Photography is my passion and I'm inspired by things I see everyday in the world and seeking to improve my vision. I'm dedicated to my clients, and I pre-visualize the wedding day during the planning process along with you.

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck

Q: What are your favorite times of day and places to photograph the bride & groom?

A: A beautiful location and great lighting are truly a bonus for any photographer--these elements are, in a sense, the foundation of any photograph. I find inspiration in the changing light from overcast- to dusk to sunrise when I have the opportunity. I'm partial in particular to the "golden hour" just before dusk, I must admit.

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck
Whenever we arrive at the wedding location, we are scouting for the most creative, interesting, and beautiful spots that will enhance the mood of the image and will reflect the sensibility of the couple. Sometimes finding these places are challenging, but we've been known to work magic in otherwise banal locations.

photo of Lindsay Hite by Laura-Chase McGehee of Readyluck
As photographers, we do our very best to create images that honor the couple and produce work that reflects who they are, first and foremost. I've been inspired from places as wide ranging as on the beach in between the pitons in St. Lucia to a dramatically lit narrow alley from the 1800s in New York City.

photo of Lindsay Hite by Laura-Chase McGehee of Readyluck
Q: Which are the most important photographs to put on a "shot list" for the big day? 

A: The only shot list that I need from couples are the groups of people they want in their posed group photos. Beyond that, the most important photographs are the intimate, organic, and spontaneous moments. Those moments can come from anyone and everyone at the wedding, from the bride to her father to her best friend. The tenderness and joy that is shared between family and friends during a wedding is something we are ever-conscious of and we strive to capture those moments by being in the right place at the right time.

photo of Lindsay Hite by Laura-Chase McGehee of Readyluck
Q: What are some of the best ways for newlyweds to display and share their wedding photographs?

A: Having a tangible object is a wonderful way to enjoy your photos in your day to day life, whether this is a print on the wall, or an album on your shelf.  Sharing your photos social media (with proper linked credit to your photographer of course) is wonderful way for your friends and family to experience the day with you. As everyone knows, technology is constantly evolving, and there are ever more ways to view and share your photographs in digital media, but it's also important to bring those photographs off the screen and have a physical artifact from the day.

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck
Q: Many of the weddings you have photographed have been featured on major blogs, such as Style Me Pretty. Any tips on what makes a wedding likely to be featured?

A: Incorporating yourselves into your wedding through the choices you make, and approaching the wedding day from a creative perspective. This is key - make choices that are true to you from the start (venue and time of year) down to your favors.

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck
Wedding blogs and magazines are always looking for unique content, and fresh ideas, so if you plan and design your wedding around details that are unique to you and your fiancé's relationship and history, that will stand out.  Planning for light (you can work with your photographer on this one!), and leaving plenty of time for creative portraits, and for your details to be photographed before the reception starts are definite bonuses.

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck
Q: Tell us a bit about your own wedding! What were your main sources of inspiration, and how did you feel when the big day finally came?

A: I got married three years ago, and it feels like yesterday and a decade ago at the same time.

I grew up in Massachusetts, and Russell and I spent summers in New England while we were dating,  so we wanted to share the area with our out-of-town guests. We wanted to find a location that had a mix of a beautiful outdoor space for the ceremony,  and an indoor space with its own historic character for the reception. We fell in love with the Commander’s Mansion,  and the details in the space. I worked on Hanson's Farm growing up,  and I knew that I wanted Martha Hanson of Country Florals and Hanson's Farm to design my flowers. Our details were very vintage inspired from the hand tea stained and stamped guest escort tags to the vintage postcards we collected from antique stores and repurposed for our invitations. I loved that each postcard was unique and had it's own story. My husband is an art director and graphic designer,  so we used his love of typography and hand lettering throughout the details as well. 

Q: Any last words of advice for brides currently planning their weddings, for finding a photographer, or for how to get inspired and stay inspired through the whole process?

A: Choose a photographer that you have complete confidence in; relax as best as you can on the wedding day; and feel confident in who you are, where you are, and allow the joy of the day to be fully expressed.

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck
To reflect authentic personality through an image requires a huge amount of trust and confidence on behalf of the couple. When the bride and groom are comfortable and relaxed, eventually they can forget that the photographer is there--and that's when the best images are created.

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck
The warmth, affection, and mood of the day is told by the look of their faces, the glances, and the intimate non-verbal language that is spoken between bride and groom. 

photo by Lindsay Hite of Readyluck

DIY for Dad

Homemade Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream from Food For My Family | Map Cufflinks from | Stenciled Glass Plate from Brassy Apple | The Pocket Tie from Brit + Co | Father's Day Card with Bowtie Pasta from The Gold Jellybean | Stamped Handkerchiefs from Paper & Stitch

Because Father's Day is just a handful of days away and we just can't pass up a chance to celebrate with a little DIY, we've rounded up some of our favorite Father's Day DIY projects from around the web to help you get crafty and make Dad some fun one-of-a-kind gifts just in time for Sunday!

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